15 Actors You Didn’t Know Were Broadway Stars

When we think of theatre actors – we presume they have incredible voices, are extremely outgoing and only use their talents for the stage – however, that is simply not true.

Many of your favourite actors and actresses today started their careers as theatre actors which gave them the platform to become the incredible film and television stars they are today.

Of course, many actors are professionally trained, but not many of them are THAT good that they can rock both the screen and stage.

If you want to find out who can, check out this shocking list of actors who are the ultimate triple threats…;

1. Anna Kendrick

30DPcsS annakendrick

The Pitch Perfect star received Tony Award nominations for her incredible performances on the New York City stage including her role in High Society. Her theatrical background has helped her land roles in Into The Woods and upcoming film The Last 5 Years.

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